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We’re building an ultra-insulated,
carbon-neutral, 2030 home right now!

Conversations, site visits and homeowner stories
gave us the courage and knowledge to take it
on. In 2014 we’ll make it easy to learn right here
with a free blog template for carbon-neutral home
projects and a growing story archive.

John Gaddo and Nancy North


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Buildings are the biggest contributor to a warming climate.*
To reverse this features carbon-neutral homes—
residences where energy use is low and much, if not all, energy
is generated on site. We are inspired by Architecture 2030,
an international movement calling for rapid change in the way
buildings and developments are planned, designed and built.
By the year 2030—the target for meeting The 2030 Challenge
resilient communities and comfortable, modern houses with
fewer cold drafts, consistent room-to-room temperatures, and
lower heating/cooling bills will be the norm.
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